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End To End Enterprise IT Solution E-Catalog under manage by Micronics Group offers solutions to, starting from SME, SOHO companies to Multinational companies to connect to the internet and provides platform from the Desktop PC, Server & Notebook platform, SAN (Storage Area Network), LAN and WAN products. We also give consultancy for setting up Internet Kiosk and MCI (Multipurpose Community Internet) Centre to connect to ISP and how to conduct their business strategies, thus “Bridging the Digital Technology Divide”.



In 1998 Micronics Group became Dell’ Rep Office in Indonesia. And at 2004 Microncs Group Receiving award from Dell Asia Pasific-Penang as the most improved distributor and US Embassy Certificate of Appreciation.



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For your Dear Customer, if want to find more product of DELL, Please dont be hesitate to contact our sales by email at, visit our site, or phone as at 021-1500 858 & 021-75900091/93. We wait for your rich out our Best Product.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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